Tiki Bar Menu T-Shirt - Rum Bar 1947 menu art Men's Shirt

  • $24.95

This is a reproduction of a menu from the long-closed Trader Vic's location in Washington DC but this image was used on nearly every location at some point or another. Scanned from the front of the dinner menu the image has been slightly redrawn cropped and touched up to look great on a shirt and make for a more appealing design. 

Our restoration process begins with a scan of an original menu, then a process where we eliminate some of the imperfections that come along with a half-century-old piece of paper. Then color corrections and adjustments to reduce moire patterns and eliminate some of the color artifacts commonly seen in a reproduction of this sort. Is it perfect? No, of course not, but pretty darn close!

Printed in-house on our own DTG equipment and ships from the USA!