Luau Beverly Hills Poster/Print/Greeting Card Tiki Hotel

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The Luau in Beverly Hills, CA was opened by Steven Crane in 1953 who later went on to open the popular Kon Tiki chain of restaurants. The Luau was sort of ground zero for southern California Polynesian pop culture (along with Trader Vics and Don the Beachcomber) and established the tiki theme in terms of both a viable food style in a fancy restaurant, but helped usher in the era of tropical drinks Located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills,

The Luau was not only known for its food and drink offerings but for its amazing design and immersive experience featuring detailed Polynesian decor both inside and out. The interior featured a small waterfall, many tikis, indoor huts and beautiful wooden chairs and tables. The mugs and glassware were all works of art that are sought after to this day. The tiki fad started to fade in the late 70's and The Luau closed it's doors in 1978, the building was torn down in 1979 and now all that is left of the amazing spot are the ephemera and mugs that are still highly sought after.

The image on The Luau poster comes from the menu which our skilled digital artisans redrew and reproduced. The image also appears on other things like matchbooks, but we liked the simple, clean design of the menu and felt it looked great on a poster.