Printing and Fulfillment Services


We admit it, there are a ton of places that are here to print/ship your shirts and garments, but how many of those places want to really help you get started. The foundation of our parent company, SLG Publishing, was working with artists new to the business of comics and graphic novels and Tee Geniuses look to continue with that tradition. We are not looking to take on every person in the world's printing and shipping business, we are looking to help people who are aspiring to become designers and entrepreneurs look good while maintaining an individual identity. 

You can go out and be one more person with product on Redbubble or CafePress, or you can start your own line using commerce and web software you are comfortable and familiar with and jump out and establish your own line identity while we operate in the background making sure your customers get the best quality product in a timely fashion.

TeeGeniuses prints our garments using state-of-the-art DTG (Direct-to-Garment) equipment and print on both light and dark garments. We ship internationally via USPS & UPS. We have run our own fulfillment for 28 years and have been selling stuff on the internet since there WAS an internet, so we are very capable of handling your product. We also are very comfortable with filling your orders for retailers having sold directly to shops, distributors and mass market retailers like Hot Topic for a number of years. Need a barcode? No problem. Stuff needs to be bagged? We can do that. Working on a Kickstarter? We can not only print and ship your shirts but we can help you with fulfillment of ALL your rewards.

So, while we will be happy to discuss printing and fulfillment with everyone who asks, we do not take on every request for contract printing services and prefer to work with people who are serious about their business as we are about ours.

Contact us today at using the form below and we will get back in touch to discuss your project.


Direct-T-Garment printing (or as it is more commonly referred to, DTG printing) is a digital apparel printing process that allows you to print full color designs  on a white or dark shirt with no screens and minimal set-up. To simplify the description imagine a DTG printer as a giant inkjet printer not unlike one that sits on your desk with specialized print heads that print on 100% cotton textiles.
a full-on CMYK process printing system that also uses white ink (to print on dark garments) an actual DTG machine is much more complex than your average desktop or photo printer, however the process is basically the same.

If you are familiar with a Giclee print, we would call the prints turned out on our DTG machine giclee prints on a t-shirt.
Unlike screen printing there are no screens to burn. While there are other set-up costs (pretreatment sprays are need for printing on anything other than a white shirt) they are minimal  compared to the cost of bruning screens. On the downside, this is not an automated process, each shirt is basically printed by hand, so there is no benefit of scale to this and a large order will not get you much of a discount. 

Still, we are competitive with screen printing on orders up to 48 shirts in most cases. If you are currently having your screen printed shirts produced by "a guy" who is working in a screen printing shop and using their equipment and material after hours, then we cannot be competitive  at all. But otherwise give us a call, I think you will be surprised and pleased.

We also offer screen printing services for larger orders, contact us today as well.