Aloha Jhoe's Palm Springs Tiki Bar Polynesian Restaurant Matchbook Men's T-Shirt

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Aloha Jhoe's was the name of a Polynesian Restaurant and Bar in Palm Springs, CA.  Created by famed Oscar winning Art Director Lyle Wheeler, Aloha Jhoe's opened about four years after the movie South Pacific was release. Wheeler was joined by carver and set designer Jim Casey and together they opened what seemed like a small theme park without the rides. The Palm Springs area was sick with Polynesian high end dining at the time, but most of it all had the same sort of design and look. I would imagine that Wheeler took most of his inspiration for Aloha Jhoe's from his research into the design of the award winning South Pacific.
Wheeler's story ends sort of sadly, you can read more about that at our blog, but the design of his matchbook and logo is worth keeping alive, if nothing else because it is not just another moai standing in front of a cocktail. This image was scanned from a matchbook, cleaned up then digitally get a nice crisp line and consistent color. In a lot of ways this is a totally new piece of art!