Arkiva Tropika/Tee Geniuses Kahiki Tiki Bar Restaurant Mystery Girl Men's T-Shirt

  • $19.99

Printed using Direct-To-Garment Techonology 100% Ring Spun Cotton T-Shirt Original Art Based on Vintage Art

The Kahiki Polynesian Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio is one of the legendary tiki bar/clubs in the Polynesian Pop-History of the United States. One of the few places to really have an enduring quality, the Kahiki managed to survive into the new millennium, closing in the year 2000 when Walmart purchased the property and tore down the restaurant.

One of the things that made the Kahiki so cool was its signature "Mystery Drink" which served four people and contained eight ounces of rum and brandy and was presented in a bowl with a smoking volcano in the middle. Adding to the exotic nature of the drink was the presentation, first a gong would sound summoning a "Mystery Girl" who would dance the beverage to your table.

This shirt design is sort of original imagining of what a t-shirt devoted to the Mystery drink/girl might have been. The art is painted reproduction of a postcard featuring the girl/drink, combined with the logo re-creation featured on our other Kahiki t-shirt.

Printed using our very own direct-to-garment printer using water based inks, this is a highly detailed piece of art, sort of a giclee on a shirt, and one you will not find elsewhere.