Flirt Magazine April 1950's Redhead Pinup Cover Ladies T-Shirt

  • $19.95

Flirt Magazine was a men's publication from a simpler, more innocent time. Labeled as A FRESH Magazine (emphasis theirs) I am sure the tawdry interiors would barely make a schoolboy blush today. Or maybe it would, to be honest, I do not know anything about schoolboys and I aim to keep it that way.

At any rate, this was circa 1950 and features a flirty (get it) illustration of a redhead by Peter Driben.  The logo and text were redrawn to allow for sharper reproduction and some of the color adjusted for modern printing processes.

Printed in-house on our own printers using state-of-the-art DTG equipment and ink.

We print this on a ladies slimfit garment, please order accordingly.