Flat Earth Tours Make Earth Flat Again T-Shirt

  • $19.95

100% Cotton T-Shirt Printed Direct-T-Garment with water based inks Original design Printed and shipped in the United States Printed on-demand, please allow 3-4 days for processing and shipping.

It stands to reason that if the world were flat someone by now would have found a way to monetize it and we would have tours to the edge of the world.

WELCOME to FLAT EARTH TOURS, Vacations on the edge. This shirt celebrates a new kind of adventure vacation, one that takes you to the edge of the world. Enjoy helicopter rides to the bottom side. Bunjee jump into the void and see a sunset as you have never seen it before, glistening off the waterfall at Earth's end.

An amazing vacation that, sadly, only exists in the recesses of our minds. The world is sort of on edge these days, so maybe this can be thought of as metaphorical.

100% cotton T-Shirt printed in-house on our very own DTG machine. 

Garment Type:Crew Neck Shirt Style:Unisex Color:Red Brand:TeeGeniuses Men's Sizes:S-3XL Manufacture:TeeGeniuses/ArkivaTropika