Fresno Motel Poster/Print/Greeting Car Diving Lady

  • $5.00

The Fresno Motel in, of course, Fresno California, is remembered today mostly for it's iconic Diving Lady image which it used on stationary, matchbooks, advertising and the like. The Diving Lady is a well-known image that appeared on many motels and hotels across the country in one form or another.

Unique to each location (unheard of in todays clip-art and copy internet generation) the notion of a woman diving into a cool pool of water must have equated to comfort and style. Diving Lady's appeared on hotels and motels big and small, fancy and simple alike.

This image was taken from a matchbook from The Fresno motel, in this woman the Diving Lady is doing sort of a backflip.  Scanned then digitally traced to re-create the simple linework while eliminating the fuzziness and artifacts that you often see in reproductions of this type.