GOP Republican Party Russian/Soviet Parody Men's T-Shirt

  • $19.99

100% Cotton T-Shirt Printed Direct-T-Garment with water based inks Printed and Ships from The United States Original digital design or restoration.

If you are on of the growing number of people who live by the saying "I would rather be a Russian than a Democrat" then this shirt is for you. You can wear it to Trump rally's to show your allegiance to the real boss of our country (and yes, we know that this is a Soviet style graphic and not representative of the current Russian government), or you can wear it as a sign that you are hip to what's happening and just piss off all of your far-right friends.

Garment Type:Crew Neck Shirt Color:Red Model Number:GOP-SOV-M-T Primary color:Red Brand:TeeGeniuses/ArkivaTropika Men's Sizes:S-3XL Style:Mens Manufacture:TeeGeniuses/ArkivaTropika Shirt Color:Red Sizing Scale:Regular