Hunting In Poland Travel Tourism Polish Poster Wiktor Gorka Reproduction Poster/Print/Greeting Card

  • $5.00

Travel, Tourisim, hunting poster from Poland circa 1960. We are not sure if the intent was to attract hunters to Poland, or possibly scare them off. I mean, if the deer and the elk can turn the tables on you, then hunting in Poland is not going to be a cakewalk.

Perhaps the artist was saying that Polish were lousy hunters?
Either way, it is a funny piece of work which we are now offering as a poster and greeting card. The image has been scanned, traced and cleaned up and slightly redesigned to make for a better reproduction and for a better shirt design. You will see this image all over places like Zazzle or Cafe Press where the same smudge is on the same spot on every product. Laziness. We basically redrew this image so that the edges were clear, the colors free of artifacts and the details stood out. We also changed the color of the text and placed it on a kahki background.
printed in-house on our very own digital presses, this image is also available from us as a t-shirt.