Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands Shirt

  • $19.99

100% Cotton T-Shirt Printed Direct-T-Garment with water based inks Original design Printed and shipped in the United States Printed on-demand, please allow 3-4 days for processing and shipping.

Whether you think killer viruses are over-hyped or a hoax or a real threat to life on Earth I am sure we can agree on one thing; WASH YOUR HANDS!

Seriously, virus or no if you are using a public restroom or come in contact with people on a daily basis, WASH YOUR HANDS!

And chill, all this will pass. It might get worse, but it will pass and life will go on. 

Printed in-house on our own DTG equipment.

100% cotton t-shirt.

We washed our hands before we shipped this to you, guaranteed.

Brand:TeeGeniuses Manufacture:TeeGeniuses/ArkivaTropika