King of New Lesbos Pulp Novel Reproduction

  • $5.00

Lesbian subject matter was commonplace in pulp novels of a certain era. The notion of women who didn't need or want men is, and to a certain degree, is sexy and appeals to a certain prurient interest. King of New Lesbos however makes no sense in terms of the steamy novels of the time. I mean the cover shows a man struggling with a group of women who are, presumably, going to make him the King of New Lesbos. Why is he struggling? The cover copy reads "Every Man's Daydream Came True for Him!"

I mean, if his dreams are coming true then why not submit? Does he dread being in charge of an island of women who don't want or need him, or is he there to keep the population going? We have not read the book so we can't tell you.

What we can tell you is this is a touched-up image taken from a good quality scan of the original book. We also adjusted the colors on the cover a bit making the logo a little easier to read (a design mistake in the original in our opinion). We also traced all of the text to make it crisp and clean at any size. Printed in-house  on our own digital presses.