Nixon Bowling Poster/print/5x7 card

  • $9.95

Most people did not know that Richard Nixon, a crook who was smart enough NOT to get impeached, was an avid bowler. Perhaps one of his most endearing qualities Nixon, as legend has it, had the indoor pool removed from the White House and replaced with private lanes because he was not a swimmer.

Most people know this from The Big Lebowski, as the picture that hangs over The Dude's bar. This is an original, TeeGeniuses Commissioned piece of art that is cool enough to hang in your own mancave, she shed or other dens of iniquity.

Comes as a 24x36 print on heavyweight bond paper, 13x19 giclee print on fine art paper and a 5x7 greeting card (folded size, set of TWO cards)