Reefer Madness Movie Poster Reproduction Poster/Print/Card

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Reefer Madness. The very title speaks to an entire generation. of potheads, druggies and stoners. Back in the day when the WORST thing you could possibly be is a marijuana smoker, this movie didn't point to marijuana as a gateway drug, it was THE evil weed destined to make all of your children into slobbering addicts. Now it is legal in most places and this serves as a more than a quaint reminder of days gone by.

Reefer Madness (originally made as Tell Your Children and sometimes titled as The Burning QuestionDope AddictDoped Youth, and Love Madness) is a 1936 American film about drugs revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high-school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana—from a hit and run accident, to manslaughtersuicide, attempted rapehallucinations, and descent into madness from marijuana addiction. The film was directed by Louis J. Gasnier and featured a cast of mainly little-known actors.

The movie Reefer Madness was the uber-cautionary tale of what happens when good people get mixed up with cannabis.

This poster is a totally redrawn version of one of the classic movie posters for Reefer Madness, so the text is clean and crisp at just about any size and the colors are artifact free. If you know what all that means then you know this is a big deal and worth paying a little extra for.