Satan Was A Lesbian Pulp Novel Cover Reproduction Poster/Print/Card

  • $19.95

Satan was a LESBIAN? Be very afraid.  I mean, get a load of the original cover copy;

"Desperately, passionately in love with Randy, Jerry thought he had four happiness - until he ran headlong into a leather-jacketed band of cruel, lusting, wanton, twisted he-women … one of whom wanted Randy even more than he!"

Randy, in this case, is a girl, Jerry is a guy and the devil I guess is carrying a whip.

At any rate, we have touched up the artwork from a scan of the original cover, dropped in new type so it will look crisper than most of these things. Available in

5x7 greeting card (set of two)

13x19 print on fine art paper (actual image size is 12x18.5)

24x36 poster on heavyweight coated bond paper (actual image size is 22x35)