Sex Weed Pulp Novel Cover Poster/Greeting Card reproduction

  • $9.95

Pulp novels were aways filled with outlandish plot and sordid twists. Rarely though did the steaminess of the content match the plots, so it is for The Fabulous Sex Weed. Oh imagine if you will a world where some weed growing freely in the jungles of the tropics could reduce people to slavering sex maniac and what happens to men, and women, when a plot to unleash in our own puritan land of America.

From the cover: The outlandish, Rabelaisian saga of the hunt for a fantastically potent tropical sex drug … and what happened to our men … and women … when it was smuggled into America!

Anyway, this steamy piece of work is commemorated forever as a greeting card and poster, The art has been reproduced and the type totally redone to allow for amazing clarity with better color and detail than is noramlly see in products of this nature. A perfect gift for the Swingers in your life.

Comes as a 5x7 card (set of Two) with Enevelopes, 13x19 Giclee Print on Art Cardstock or 24x36 on heavyweight bond paper