The Swingers Pulp Novel Hotwife Poster/Card Reproduction

  • $9.95

Let's face it, the ’50s were less than enlightened time, however, this led to seem incredibly tawdry writing where the book jacket copy was often the most sexual part of the publication

The title says it all in this reproduction of the cover from a bit of trash called The Swingers! This image has been touched up with a redesigned logo to look good as a print/poster/card (please not that 24x36 may show some artifacts in the printing).

Perfect for the bedroom/living room of all fans of pulp novels, the swinging lifestyle or even just you average cuckold and hotwife couple. Here is a thrilling bt from the cover:

“Traveling around” was accepted practice for married couples!
Scathing and scalpel-sharp… The story of a swinging suburb where mates get mixed along with the martinis

Welcome to the swinging, swapping suburban set — where couples are rated and partners switched with pushbutton ease! 
Rick and Nina found the neighborhood ” mating game” gave an exciting new fillip to their own waning marriage. They found new thrills in toting up their scorecards, threw themselves with headlong abandon into a vortex of sensation-seeking as they competed with each other for “high-score.”
Nina made the rounds of husbands and Rick completed the circuit of wives. But at last one fatal step too far down the perverse path brought them face to face with a shocking realization about themselves — and about their friend, attractive Gerry Dennison,. Gerry’s forbidden longings, it was clear, rendered her completely vulnerable to the warped ways of — The Swingers

Available as a 5x7 notecard (set of two), 13x19 giclee and 24x35 giclee on coated bond paper.