Tropicana Lodge Motel Poster/Print/Greeting Card - Pending

  • $5.00

The Tropicana Lodge in Fresno CA was a mid-century modern style inn that touted itself as “Central California’s Finest Motel”. The Tropicana’s salient features included. a figure 8 shaped pool that had a diving board held up by two tikis at one end, a burning waterfall, several masks affixed to a rock wall and maybe the best feature of all, a lounge which sported some amazing red leather barstools. The Tropicana was remodeled some time ago and is currently a Day’s Inn, while the name has changed, many of the tikis remain including two by the pool,(minus diving board).

The image on this poster was taken from an old matchbook which was scanned and then digitally traced to create a faithful reproduction of the two tikis and the googie-style sign. The original matchbook had a rendering of the motel, this was eliminated from the print to allow for a less cluttered design which focuses on the tikis.

printed in-house on our digital presses.