Wonderboy The Natural Baseball Bat T-shirt

  • $19.99

100% cotton t-shirt Printed Direct-T-Garment with water based inks Printed and Ships from The United States Original digital design or restoration. Printed on-demand, please allow 3-4 days for processing and shipping.

Roy Hobbs was The Natural, a guy who came out of nowhere in his drive to be "The Best That Ever Was!" Played by Robert Redford, The Natural was a storybook tale where the protagonist wielded an almost magical bat called Wonderboy. Carved from the wood of a tree that was struck by lightning Wonderboy carried a signature lightning bolt on it.

In today's game the bat would probably not be allowed, but why let truths get in the way of a good story. We re-created the burned in Wonderboy and Lightning bolt on tha bat onto a shirt. 

Printed on a 100% tan cotton shirt.

Brand:TeeGeniuses Manufacture:TeeGeniuses/ArkivaTropika